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The Sun Gem, Peridot!

Hello Lovelies! 🌷 So fast it is already August!

Let’s celebrate that gorgeous olive green color modern birthstone. History brought this stone back to 1500BC, in the ancient times of Pharaoh in Egypt, when the ancient Egyptian called this gemstone “the sun gem” because they believe peridot had fallen down from the skies. It is not long after that some historians start to believe that Cleopatra’s green stone are actually, peridot!

The origination of the name Peridot - derives from an Arabic word for gem, faridat. Another believes is that because of its abundance abilities, peridot got it names from a Greek word for "giving plenty," peridona. This gemstone most of time comes in olive green color, intense tint-green and always have a vibrant green glow but with considerable variations, a peridot’s particular shade depends on the country of where it was sourced. Pakistani peridots for example, are beautiful in shades but these days the finest high-quality peridot are believed to come from Mogok, Burma.

It belongs to the family of silicate mineral and only occurs in green color, this olivine typically has higher lithium, nickel and zinc concentrations. Gem quality peridot is rare due to the fact that although olivine is a common mineral on earth, the other components is quite chemically unstable on earth’s surface. In 2006, NASA’s explorer spacecraft, Stardust, found particles of gem-quality peridot from mineral samples they gathered from near the sun. So, is it true that peridot is as old as our solar system? 🤔

Peridot gemstone are known as the stone of compassion, clear thinking and it symbolises light. Hence it has benefits in bringing renewal to all things such as harmony, good health, calms anger, restful sleep, and peacefulness. It allegedly infusing the wearer with power, influence and magical power to protect against nightmares, moreover the ancient people believes that peridot’s bright sparkle could ward off evil during the night.

If you own a peridot, its best to avoid ultrasonic jewellery cleaners instead just use soapy water and soft toothbrush to clean it. Peridot is an above-medium stone, but its hardness is susceptible to pressure and extreme heat and cold.

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