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In Order to Communicate, Chalcedony.

The name Chalcedony is believed to have been derived from a port city Chalcedon in Greece, whereas others believed that it is a small city in Turkey called Chalcedon, near the port Sea Of Marmara, modern days known as Kadikoy, in the district of Istanbul. The place is intertwined between the two opinions.

This area is believed to have been extracting Blue Chalcedony since 2500 BC. Interestingly, the name khalkedon was also mentioned in the Book of Revelation (21:19) as the stones garnishing the third foundation of the walls for the New Jerusalem (Kunz, 303, 305). Native Americans Indians use chalcedony for ceremonial purposes and meditation, as they believed Chalcedony is a sacred and a spirit stone to create a pathway in order to receive a message from the spirit world.

Chalcedony belongs to the quartz family, it has 6 to 7 Mohscale, which means the goldsmith has to be very careful dealing with it and the wearer has to take extra care while wearing one.

Blue Chalcedony is a nurturing stone which provides calming, flexibility and emotional embodiment. It helps one to communicate our truest thoughts, ideas and emotions. During communication, blue chalcedony is believed to organize and harmonize our emotion, boost listening and communication skills and eventually brings calmness and peace and stability. By releasing stress, naturally we will be able to sort out our feelings and boost self-confidence, enhances self-perception in order to communicate our truest emotions.

Many references mentioned over and over again that Chalcedony very much associated to the Throat and Third Eye Chakra, the chakra for communication and intuition. It is believed to brings out our innate energies by strengthening and energizing throat chakra and third eye chakra. The gemstones increase our intuition and sensitivity by helping us to feel and understand intangible energies and eventually understand people’s feelings correctly.

While being known to activate and energize throat and third eye chakra, Blue chalcedony is highly evaluated among counsellors and therapist around the world. It is known to be effective for people who deal with deal with lots of people and require verbal communication at work. Lawyers for example, uses the benefits of Chalcedony to communicate, eases self-doubt, brings a helpful peace to inner reflection and encourage a light hearted optimism engagement to remove hostility during communication and negotiation.

I would recommend Blue Chalcedony to person who need power to move on or to grow spiritually or mentally. Known for its aesthetic beauty, Blue Chalcedony which symbolizes water and ocean carries a healing power that maybe useful to support a person to open up their heart again.

Other well-known notable varieties of Chalcedonies are Agate which comes in multicolored and curved or angular banding, Chrysoprase which normally comes in green color, Carnelian in red-brownish color and Moss Agate. Chalcedonies benefits are best paired with Fire Opal.

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