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And Random Write Up

In this section I will be posting about some part of my daily life, the product I consume that i write reviews so it may help your decision to purchase them, clothes brand that I like, book reviews from books that i read and some that i really treasure, healthy lifestyle, quotes i live by and other interesting things and concept i found as i treasure my life journey.

I'd like to document them so in years to come, I may reflect back and see how far I've come from where I started. I may also reflect back things that I used to like and in years to come that I have change my perception and interest towards it.

Support My Cause

I'd like to believe there are so much good in the world.

Not all that we know is true or false because what we know is based on our limited knowledge, how our mind interprate and our experience.

However, forming a certain stand and opinion help me to navigate which cause I could suport in my daily lives.

It makes my life more meaningful. It also nurture my heart to be more compassion and learn how to reach out to others that I truly support.

I'll keep writing about my knowledge and how knowledge and infirmation change, transform and evolve throughout the years.

If you'd care to know, read through and please feel free to give your feedback and opinion. If we are in the same page and share causes, we may exchange knowledge on how to show support for the same cause.


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