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Purpose, Wellness,
Aligned, Syncronized
and Lead Your Best Life.


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Coaching is important in today's life. Sometimes we overlooked our own health and priorities because of the need to satisfy others'.

Hello beautiful souls!

I am Miza and I am a life coach who helps professionals to live their best life by identifying their interest and aligned themselves with their life purpose. I help you to understand your blocks and how to overcome it peacefully and turn the situation to serve you better.

Remember when we are younger, we have dreams and ambitions. At that moment we believe everything is possible with a proper support of people around us. However, as we grow and we start to have more responsibilities and bound to our own limitations. Hence, along the way we build blocks and limitations within our selves and our own subconscious mind.

We struggle to understand what's going on around us and how can we satisfy everything without missing out.

We struggle to feel at peace understanding that we are enough and enable us to live this life with joy and happiness.


Does this sound like you?

If yes, I can assists you to identify why this happening within you. It will help you to find out the reason and identify embedded belief system that you may or may not have subconsciously adopt, and does not support the idea to where you are going.

We may work together to eliminate discourages belief system, in order to improve and evolve to the person you would like to become or aspire to be.

The good news is, everything is possible with the power of mind and heart.

This could happen provided you are willing to go through

the process of understanding your own mind and how it works.

We all should understand that things are possible

so we have chances to work on ourselves,

put your mind at peace knowing that you are supported.

The other good news is, your current situation does not have to be permanent.

Change can happen at any part of our life,

provided that we want it to happen,

as well as we are willing to be patient with ourselves and eventually  taking actions.


The reason I am here is to coach and assists that transformation to happen using the current resources that is available around you.

Lets identify this together.


1. You would like to know the possibilities of change to happen within you

2. You know you can do it but dont know where and why to begin

3. You have a goals and need help to organize you thoughts and actions

4. You need to monitor your progress

5. You want to add element of wellness and balance in your life


1. Understand yourself better and identify your blind spots

2. Get your thoughts and actions organized to one direction

3. Focus on your goals

4. Efficiently utilize your available tools and resources

Coaching is the best investment one can do for oneself.
It is about making a journey of self-discovery a joyful experience.
It helps you to be progressive and at the same time
find your ultimate place of peace and balance.

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Armiza Abdul Razak


Every moment is a new chance to renew, recharge and restart.

We always have to be deliberate about the choices we made.


If you want to add an element of whole life wellness to your life, connect with me.

Experiences does to a certain extent build our memory and limitations. We could work to remove the blockages that hold us back from living a life full of happiness, meaning, and freedom.


In my coaching sessions, i use

1. Evaluation

2. Sacred Expansion

3. Self Love & Self Appreciation (Self Cultivation & Self Discipline)

4. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Contact me now to discuss how coaching will contribute
on your journey to a better life.

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