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In my part, i travel not to go anywhere, but to go. Travel for travel sake. The great affair is to move.

I have always been a curious person. As a child, I always wonder what is it like out there in the open.

I grew up enjoyed reading, watching movies and advertisement, watching F1 race especially in other countries on a Sunday night where the show was delayed.

I also read news about what's going on with the world, the war, the hunger, the misplecament of people, how did the rich and famous travel the world. And i wonder how is it in 1 world but so much diversity in news and how they potray certain countries. My friends told me, not all what I've known and heard is true.

So i told myself, I am going out there and see it to find out by myself.

So here it is, I am slowly tracking everything. The history, the beauty, the architecture, food, culture, colors.

And the more i explore, the more i am lost in the moment. The need of digging everything deeper. The need to connect more and understand humanity. Along the way, I found myself, I found others.


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