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Travel. Because Life is full of mysteries

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Travel. Because life is always more than what you already know. Because it expands the eyes and the heart. Because it allows us to see polarity.

I have always been so curious about the world out there. My curiosity really kicks in when I was 16 years old when I was watching about food poverty in Somalia through media, and I really wants to know if what was potrayed through media is true.

As for me, travel alone allows me to throw myself to the unknown and moving through the mysteries of life. Traveling alone is no longer taboo these days. My first solo trip was to Ho Chi Minh, followed by Istanbul and the rest of other countries just follows. Solo trips offer a lot of advantages. Those who travel alone are only responsible for themselves. They do not have to make compromises and possibly forego experiences just because the companion does not feel like it. Solo travelers always decide for themselves where they want to eat, which sights they want to visit, or whether they want to take a day off and do nothing. This makes the journey less stressful and with more freedom. It also allows traveler to dwell and indulge themselves into culture and colors, some might find themselves along the way.

Couples or friends are rarely dependent on someone else on vacation. They can talk to each other, discuss things together and share experiences. Solo travelers automatically come into the conversation more often with strangers - among other things because they ask for help, ask for recommendations on-site, or meet like-minded people with whom they can share their previous experiences. Who knows, these conversations may even mark the beginning of wonderful new friendships.

It goes without saying that solo travelers not only meet English-speaking people on vacation but also locals or travelers from other countries and get into conversation with them. In this way, language skills can be improved at the same time or, if necessary, communication using facial expressions and gestures. In any case, exciting stories can emerge from these encounters.

To be completely on your own for several days or weeks, that also affects the character. It makes you stronger, more self-confident, and immensely enriches you. Time alone is thought-provoking. Often, solo trips help you find out who you really are, what you want to achieve, and what is actually important to you in life. In addition, the conversations with strangers from different cultures help to change the worldview and to become even more open.

In my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go.

Travel for travel sake.

The great affair is to move.

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