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Armiza Abdul Razak

Armiza spend her first 6 years of childhood at her grandmother’s home, second 6 years with her parents and siblings, and third 6 years in boarding school. With such diverse background, she has developed her skills and talent within diverse upbringing and blessings being around people. She enjoyed each step of her journey.


Armiza graduated her first degree in Business Administration and pursued her MBA shortly after. It was during her MBA she became fond of CSR concept before becoming an accredited HRDF Certified Trainer.


She went through spiritual journey starting in 2014 and has then on pursued Masters in Psychology of Coaching and then becomes accredited as an ICF Coach in 2019. She is trained in Reiki Healing, supporting her Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP) capabilities. She is currently a PhD candidate for Faculty of Social Science, University of Nottingham, Malaysia.

A well rounded, articulate, dynamic, progressive, confident and energetic person with strong business acumen and academic background, her 20 years of working experience has taught her to adapt & communicate with various level of working forces and organisations. Armiza is a combination of extrovert and introvert personality, a free-spirited person; enjoy being outdoors, having intellectual and stimulating conversation while still valuing personal space for self-reflection. A fast learner and strong believer for knowledge and growth, her interest ranges from social issues, world issues, politics, interfaith understanding, traveling, music, arts and humanities, psychology and culture. As a learner on humanity and human behaviour, Armiza is an avid traveller. During her free time, she reads, paints, plays violin and indulge herself in jewellery making.

She is a positive person and view challenges as opportunities. She is a determined, persistent and resilient individual who believe that everything is possible with a positive attitude. She has a deep interest in pursuing research in the connection between neuroscience and human behaviour, Intergenerational Leadership and Human Inner Engineering. Armiza has developed few companies under her wings including Ueberleap Academy and Mulia Brands.

Armiza believes that we all have everything we need inside ourselves. It is about discovering the person that we always meant to be through the process of self-discovery. Armiza looks at pain and anxiety as a portal for growth and expansion. She assists her clients through 7 steps process that can be extended to up to 10 sessions. Throughout this journey, clients will experience an enriching personal growth process, capable to assess their challenges and obstacles in pursuing that growth and help them create greater balance in their lives. Client has the option to continue on the sixth and seventh coaching agenda on how to bring their vision into reality. If you are looking for self-fulfilling, self-enriching life, and finding the ultimate place of peace and balance, book a session with Armiza now.


Best Regards,

Armiza Abdul Razak

Reiki Healing

ICF Certified Coach (ACC, ICF)

NLP Certified Trainer

HRDF Certified Trainer

PhD Candidate (Social & Behaviorial Science), University of Nottingham

Armiza Abdul Razak


Logo - Muliaink .png

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