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An Alternative to Diamond, Morganite

I wrote about August birthstone, peridot, last week. Spinel is another modern option for August birthstone. Sardonyx too is the traditional August birthstone. However, this week I’d like to pick a special gemstone for my write up, a gem I find really pretty but does not belong to any birth month, Morganite. As I go through my beautiful morganite collection, I said to myself, “I have to write about this pretty gem, a lot more people should read about this”.

It was first known as Pink Beryl when it was discovered in California in the early 1900’s. Tiffany and Co.s’ chief gemologist, George F. Kunz, renamed it Morganite in 1911 to honor avid gem collector and financier JP Morgan for his mineral and gemological contributions to the American Museum of Natural History. Now, besides Pink Beryl, Morganite is also known as Pink Emerald, Rose Beryl and Cesian Beryl.

Morganite belongs to the beryl variety family. Similarly, to Emerald in green and Aquamarine in blue, Morganite often comes in lighter pastel shades of salmon, peach to pink caused by the presence of manganese in the stones. It appears red under x-ray light.

These days, most of the morganite in the market were sourced from pegmatite mines in Minas Gerais, Brazil. In other parts of the world, morganites are mined in Afghanistan, Mozambique, Namibia, and the US with minor and inconsistent sources.

This new popular gem, Morganite is now an alternative to diamond. It is so special that it brings a lot of benefits to its wearer. A good quality morganite brings the frequencies of compassion and kindness 🥰. It assists us to realize that our challenges in life is the catalyst of moving forward and making big changes in life. Morganite also help us to discover our own strength and courage, serving a higher purpose in giving its wearer peace and confidence besides emotional, mental and spiritual growth. In assisting health,

Morganite helps with heart palpitations by supporting the heart and counter heart-related problems and disorders. In the old days, it is used in treating tuberculosis, emphysema, and asthma as well.

Subtle and pretty as its looks, Morganite’s soft pink tone brings an aura of inner peace. It symbolizes patience, empathy and self-control. It opens the heart chakra and heal old wounds; therefore, it encourages its wearer to be more receptive to the love that people give. Furthermore, morganite helps its wearer to have a clear vision of their goals, shows ways of achieving them by helping them find clarity in a situation, and amplify their intentions to the universe.

Now would you look forward to own a Morganite? 😁

Morganite in pink.
An Alternative to Diamond, Morganite.

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