Beef Pot Pie

I've always find that the Chicken Pie served at Dome's Cafe so delicious. So i tried to make one at home. I've tried a few recipes, but this recipe that I got from Ell is the closest to that yummy Dome's Chicken Pie 🤩 and this one i made it with beef!

But first, we need a cute personal pot!

This personal pot i got from a neighbourhood supermarket is Emile Henry's 10.10

And we need a ready made pastry 🙂 my favourite ready made pastry is by Pampas.


(2 serving)

1. Pastry

2. 1 Can - Potato /Mushroom Campbell Soup

3. 1 Potato - diced

4. 400 gm beef - diced

5. 1 Can Mushroom - diced

6. 1 onion - diced

7. Broccoli

8. A pinch of salt & pepper

Preparation 1 (soup):

1. Grease & heat up the pan with oil & put in the diced onions.

2. Put in a can of campbell soup

3. Add half can water, stir

4. Add diced beef - let it cook for 20 minutes

5. Add on diced potato, mushroom, salt & pepper, broccoli - let it cook for 15 minutes

Cool down - 30 minutes

Preparation 2:

1. Lace the pastry inside each of the personal pie pot.

2. Fill up the soup inside each pie pot.

3. Cover the pot with cut pastry according to size and preference.

4. Bake - 30 minutes in oven at 180 degrees.

Now its ready to serve 💜

Its time enjoy the warm home made beef pot pie 😁

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