Always in a mood for food.

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

I'd say FOOD is a form of expression.

I love food, good food, home cook especially.

Cooking gives me so much joy! It's something that I do when I crave something that I have tasted but not available around me at that moment. It is also something that I do when I am balancing my day and time with working.

I used to write or work for hours and it still haven't finish, it never does 😅

And in between those working time, I will take a break and start cooking.

1 hour, 2 hours, or sometime midnight cooking and its done.

It depends to how much time I have or need a break during those long working hours.

Hence also why, 15 minutes to 30 minutes cooking break is important to me.

Something that I can quickly and finally complete and conclude, cooking!

Its so satisfying to learn that something that I started recently, can actually be concluded within 2 hours 😊 or 15 minutes, according to my preference 😊

Just start cooking 😍

I started writing this food blog because I have tried writing recipe books in my own cook book, but never took the steps to publish it. I am writing this recipe so even after many years of not cooking the dishes, I will have a place to refer back the ingredients. I am also writing it just in case my daughters or any other children would like to cook something traditional, a recipe that was send down from my parents and others that could be useful in the future.

One of my daughter is eliminating chicken in her diet. As you go through my recipe, you may see some ingredients with beef like Fried Bihun, Fried Kueytiaw, Tom Yum. Please feel free to replace those with chiken as your wishes. Also, I understand that some recipe out there add sugar in the dishes, but I am not. Sugar is good to balance the final dishes between the taste of sour, salty and sweet. Sugar also able to balance the salt in our food to make it more milky taste than salty.

But my sugar taste bud is strong, hence i eliminate sugar in my dishes except for only dessert. Really.... I can taste that sugar in chilli dishes haha

You might not see it in my recipe, but please feel free to add if you wish to do so.

I am dedicating this page to store all the recipes I have tried and tested over the years.

Some are traditional recipe from my parents and grandmother. Some recipes that I've modified while watching other cooking channel and I want to make it quick to suit my time and ingredients in hand.

Others are recipes that I've got from friends and my travel.

Feel free to try!

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