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Simple Dinner with Sambal Sardine

I learn how to cook from my parents, when I was around 10 years old. They taught me simple recipe to cook when they come home late or out of town. Those days, we don’t have so much option like Grab Food or other type of delivery. So, I comfort myself with something simple from the can that I remember until today, the best dishes with rice.

Malaysian traditional dinner is rice served with main dishes like chicken curry, sambal sardine, chicken korma, prawn sambal etc and side dishes like fried eggs or vegetables. That’s staple.

Today, we are making Sambal Sardin 😍 to serve with rice and fried eggs.

Wok is necessary, it’s important in all our household.

Sambal Sardine (2 serving)

Prepare Ingredients

1. Cooking Oil

2. 2 Onion – Slice Thin

3. 2 Garlic – Slice Thin

4. 1 can sardine

5. 2 tomato – Each cut into 4

6. Grind Chilli

7. Tomato Sauce

8. Half Cup Tamarind Water

9. A pinch of salt 😀

*A secret to a nice Sambal Sardine to is to fry the sardine fish first for about 5 minutes before starts cooking. And then take it out again, toss it. Use to same oil to continue cooking.

Now straight into the wok and keep frying 😉 medium heat fire 🔥

1. Heat up 3 table spoon cooking oil – 1 minute

2. 2 Onion – Slice Thin – 1 minute

3. 2 Garlic – Slice Thin – 1 minute

3. 2 table spoon grind chilli - 5 minutes

4. Put in the fried sardine fish

5. Add half cup of water and boil together

6. Put in the sauce from the sardine can – 10 minutes

7. 2 tomato – each cut into 4 – this will add sour taste to the dishes

8. Add on half cup tamarind water – this will add sour taste to the dishes

9. Add on 3 table spoon of tomato sauce – 10 minutes

10. A pinch of salt according to taste bud

11. Let it boil until it is a bit dry and become saucy – 10 minutes

Serve sambal sardine with rice. Or bread.

It’s ready!! 💃 Enjoy!!!

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