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Simple Dinner with Delicious Tamarind Fried Shrimp

The beauty of traditional malay cooking is that we love adding tamarind in some of our dishes to add that beautiful tangy taste. It’s the sourish sting that make it memorable.

Some northern states in Malaysia, Penang and Kedah for example, add tamarind in fish curry. Others add tamarind in most seafood dishes. For many of our traditional dishes, we prefer tamarind instead of lemon to add the sourish taste.

Tamarind Fried Shrimp is easy to prepare. It does not need a complicated ingredient. Everything is within reach with simple ingredients almost all kitchen would have. It takes about 10 minutes for preparation and 15 minutes to cook.

So if you feel like this is your day for tamarind, give it a go! 😍 Enjoy!!!

Tamarind Fried Shrimp (2 serving)

Prepare Ingredients

1. Cooking Oil

2. 2 Onion – Slice Thin

3. 2 Garlic – Slice Thin

4. 2 Fresh Chilli – slice thin

5. 700 gms fresh shrimp

6. Half Cup Tamarind Water (from 1 table spoon tamarind)

7. 1 table spoon turmeric powder

8. A pinch of salt 😀

Part 1

1. Clean the shrimp

2. Marinate shrimp with salt and turmeric powder (5 minutes)

3. Fry in pan for 5 minutes with medium heat (half cook shrimp)

4. Take out shrimp from the pan

Part 2

Now straight into the pan and keep frying 😉 medium heat fire 🔥

1. Heat up 3 table spoon cooking oil – 1 minute

2. 2 Onion – Slice Thin – 1 minute

3. 2 Garlic – Slice Thin – 1 minute

4. Sliced chilli – 1 minute

5. Add half cup of tamarind water and let it boil

6. Put in the half-fried shrimp

7. Let it simmer for 8 - 10 minutes

8. A pinch of salt according to taste bud

9. It’s ready!!

* This dish is normally served with rice and other side dishes.

Other recommended side dishes would be omelette and fried vegetables.

Let me know if you like it!! 😉 💃

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