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Cucur Pisang & Coffee – Deep Fried Banana Fritter Balls

Banana is one of Malaysian local fruits and can be easily found at the supermarkets or neighbourhood fruit stalls. I enjoy doing fruit shopping at these neighbourhood fruit stalls because of its freshness and its mostly grown at their own farm. My parents grew some at our home too, so it’s pretty accessible for us to get fresh ripe banana.

Sometimes we have banana at home and it is ripe within few days. Use this banana to make deep fried banana fritter balls. It takes only 15 - 20 minutes to prepare and enjoy it as a snack dessert with evening coffee while adoring the garden or rain or watching movies. This recipe can also be replaced with sweet potato if there is any at home. 😉

Deep Fried Banana Fritter Balls

Prepare Ingredients

1. Cooking Oil – Palm Oil for Deep Frying

2. 750gm ripe banana

3. 50gm wheat flour

4. 50gm rice flour

4. 4 table spoon brown sugar

5. A pinch of salt


Mix the Banana batter

1. Use a mix bowl – mash the banana add brown sugar together

2. Add on wheat flour, rice flour and salt – mix it well

Fry the banana balls

1. Heat up cooking oil in a wok with slow to medium temperature

2. Fold the banana batter into small round balls and out it into the wok one by one

3. Take it out once it turns light brown

*Preferably try to use slow to medium temperature fire 🔥 as we want the banana balls to cook well on the inside without being overcooked outside

Banana Fritter Balls is ready to be served 😉

This is so yummy!! 💃 Enjoy !!!

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